What belongs in each container?

For proper disposal instructions for HAZARDOUS WASTE visit www.StopWaste.org/hhw


6-pack rings (please cut) - GARBAGEaerosol cans (empty) - RECYCLABLESbackyard fruit - ORGANICSautomotive fluids - HAZARDOUS WASTE
ash, fireplace & BBQ (damp, cold and contained) - GARBAGEalternative milk cartons (oat, almond, etc.) - RECYCLABLESbacon grease (hardened) - ORGANICSbatteries - HAZARDOUS WASTE
balloons (regular and mylar) - GARBAGEaluminum cans - RECYCLABLESbones - ORGANICScamp stove fuel tanks -HAZARDOUS WASTE
binders (plastic) - GARBAGEaluminum foil - RECYCLABLESbread - ORGANICScar batteries - HAZARDOUS WASTE
bubble wrap - GARBAGEaluminum pans - RECYCLABLEScactus - ORGANICSCFL lightbulbs - HAZARDOUS WASTE
candles - GARBAGEaseptic containers - RECYCLABLEScereal - ORGANICScleaning products (toxic) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
candy wrappers - GARBAGEbeverage cans (empty) - RECYCLABLEScheese - ORGANICScomputer hard drives/peripherals - HAZARDOUS WASTE
carbon paper - GARBAGEbleach bottles (empty) - RECYCLABLESchopsticks (wooden) - ORGANICScomputer monitors - HAZARDOUS WASTE
cassette tapes (try donating first) - GARBAGEbooks (try donating first) - RECYCLABLESChristmas trees (clean with no decorations - will be collected during holiday tree collection schedule otherwise cut into small pieces) - ORGANICSelectronic toys with imbedded batteries - HAZARDOUS WASTE
CDs (try donating first) - GARBAGEboxes (shipping) - RECYCLABLEScoffee cups (paper only - not plastic lined) - ORGANICSelectronics - HAZARDOUS WASTE
cello wrap around flower bouquets - GARBAGEcans, food (bi-metal/tin) - RECYCLABLEScoffee filters (paper) - ORGANICSe-waste (televisions, monitors, and anything with a circuit board)- HAZARDOUS WASTE
ceramics (including tile) - GARBAGEcarbonless paper - RECYCLABLEScoffee grounds - ORGANICSfax machines - HAZARDOUS WASTE
chewing gum - GARBAGEcardboard (flatten/cut large or multiple boxes) - RECYCLABLESfertilizers - HAZARDOUS WASTE
chip bags - GARBAGEcartons (dairy, juice, soup, broth, & milk alternatives) - RECYCLABLEScorks (natural only -no plastic) - ORGANICSfluorescent lightblubs/tubes - HAZARDOUS WASTE
coffee cups (to-go lined with plastic) - GARBAGEcatalogs (discontinue unwanted catalogs) - RECYCLABLESdairy products - ORGANICShousehold batteries (that are not collected curbside) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
computer diskettes - GARBAGEcereal boxes - RECYCLABLESeggs & egg shells - ORGANICSinfusion sets - HAZARDOUS WASTE
cosmetics containers with residue - GARBAGEcomputer paper - RECYCLABLESfacial tissue - ORGANICSlancets - HAZARDOUS WASTE
cotton balls (soiled) - GARBAGEcookie sheets - RECYCLABLESfish oil (small amount in cart - for larger amount contact HHW collection.) - ORGANICSliquid lithium-ion batteries - HAZARDOUS WASTE
crayons (try donating or use the National Crayon Recycle Program) - GARBAGEcookware (metal only) - RECYCLABLESflowers - ORGANICSlye - HAZARDOUS WASTE
decorative glass - GARBAGEdetergent bottles - RECYCLABLESfood-soiled paper (paper plates, towels, napkins) - ORGANICSmedications - HAZARDOUS WASTE
deodorant casing - GARBAGEdrink boxes (juice) - RECYCLABLESfruit, peels, pits, & rinds - ORGANICSmedications (check with your pharmacist, local hospital, or click here for other collections sites) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
diapers - GARBAGEegg cartons (paper) - RECYCLABLESgrains - ORGANICSmercury-containing items (ie: thermometers & fluorescent lamps) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
dishware (bowls, plates, glasses) - GARBAGEenvelopes with metal clasps - RECYCLABLESgrass cuttings - ORGANICSmotor oil/filters (more than is allowed in curbside collection program) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
disposable gloves - GARBAGEfood cans (empty) - RECYCLABLESholiday trees (clean with no decorations - will be collected during holiday tree collection schedule otherwise cut into small pieces) - ORGANICSneedles - HAZARDOUS WASTE
disposable masks - GARBAGEfrozen food boxes - RECYCLABLESholiday wreaths (please remove any decorations/metal rings) - ORGANICSoil-based paint - HAZARDOUS WASTE
DVDs (try donating first) - GARBAGEfruit baskets (plastic, and if labeled 1-7) - RECYCLABLEShouseplants - ORGANICSpaint - HAZARDOUS WASTE
feed bags (plastics, glass, ceramics) - GARBAGEglass bottles & jars only - RECYCLABLESice cream sticks (wooden) - ORGANICSpaint remover - HAZARDOUS WASTE
feminine products - GARBAGEgrocery bags (paper) - RECYCLABLESlard (hardened) - ORGANICSpesticides - HAZARDOUS WASTE
flocked Christmas trees (clean with no decorations - will be collected during holiday tree collection schedule otherwise cut into small pieces) - GARBAGEhardbound books - RECYCLABLESleaves - ORGANICSphoto chemicals - HAZARDOUS WASTE
foam (all types) - GARBAGEice cream cartons (rinsed) - RECYCLABLESmeat - ORGANICSpoisons - HAZARDOUS WASTE
glass cups & glasses - GARBAGEjuice bottles - RECYCLABLESnapkins (paper/food-soiled)pool chemicals - HAZARDOUS WASTE
glassware (glasses, vases, that are not food containers) - GARBAGEjunk mail (remove your address from direct mail registries) - RECYCLABLESnewspaper (food-soiled) - ORGANICSpressurized tanks - HAZARDOUS WASTE
hangers (dry cleaners will take back hangers) - GARBAGEmagazines - RECYCLABLESpaper take-out cartons without metal handles and not lined in plastic - ORGANICSprinters - HAZARDOUS WASTE
hose (garden or rubber - GARBAGEmilk cartons (paper, rinsed) - RECYCLABLESpaper towels (food-soiled) - ORGANICSsharps - HAZARDOUS WASTE
ice cream wrappers (plastic) - GARBAGEnewspapers (including inserts) - RECYCLABLESpasta - ORGANICSsmoke detectors - HAZARDOUS WASTE
laminated items - GARBAGEpaint cans (empty latex only -oil-based paints are Hazardous Waste) - RECYCLABLESpizza boxes (leftover pizza) - ORGANICStelevision (tv) - HAZARDOUS WASTE
Legos® (try donating or use the Lego Replay Program) - GARBAGEpaper (adhesive/post-its) - RECYCLABLESprunings - ORGANICSthermometers - HAZARDOUS WASTE
light bulbs (no fluorescent) - GARBAGEpaper packaging with remnant tape - RECYCLABLESpumpkins - ORGANICStreated wood waste* - HAZARDOUS WASTE
metal cable wire - GARBAGEpaper that tears - RECYCLABLESrice & other grains - ORGANICSuniversal waste - HAZARDOUS WASTE
metallic wrapping paper - GARBAGEpaper towel & toilet paper tubes - RECYCLABLESsawdust - ORGANICSvarnish - HAZARDOUS WASTE
mirrors - GARBAGEpaperback books - RECYCLABLESseafood - ORGANICS
mylar products - GARBAGEpet food cans (empty) - RECYCLABLESshellfish - ORGANICS
nails - GARBAGEphone books/directories (prevent automatic phonebook deliveries) - RECYCLABLESshredded paper - ORGANICS
nylon - GARBAGEplastics labeled 1-7 - RECYCLABLESshrubs - ORGANICS
packing peanuts (try donating to shipping/mailing stores) - GARBAGEpots & pans - RECYCLABLEStea bags/tea bag with staples - ORGANICS
packing pillows (plastic) - GARBAGEsalad dressing bottles - RECYCLABLEStree twigs and branches up to 6" in diameter - ORGANICS
paper clips - GARBAGEscrap metal (pieces under 30 lbs) - RECYCLABLEStrees (holiday, unflocked - will be collected during holiday tree collection schedule otherwise cut into small pieces) - ORGANICS
paper used for cleaning (soiled) - GARBAGEshampoo bottles - RECYCLABLES
pencils with erasers - GARBAGEshoe boxes - RECYCLABLESvegetables, peels, pits, & rinds - ORGANICS
pens (ink) - GARBAGEsoft drink bottles - RECYCLABLESwaxed cardboard - ORGANICS
personal hygiene items - GARBAGEsoup boxes - RECYCLABLESwaxed paper (food-soiled) - ORGANICS
pet feces - GARBAGEsoy milk boxes - RECYCLABLESwaxed paper containers/cups - ORGANICS
pet food kibble tags - GARBAGETetrapak® shelf stable containers (milk alternatives, soup, juice, broth, etc.) - RECYCLABLESweeds - ORGANICS
plants (plastic) - GARBAGEtub-type containers such as those used for yogurt, cottage cheese, and margarine if labeled 1-7 - RECYCLABLESwine corks - ORGANICS
plastic bags (can also be taken back to grocery stores) - GARBAGEwater jugs - RECYCLABLESwood (uncoated, untreated) - ORGANICS
plastic film - GARBAGEwine bottles (empty) - RECYCLABLESyard trimmings - ORGANICS
plastic wrap - GARBAGEwine boxes - RECYCLABLESyard waste - ORGANICS
plastics (unmarked or not marked with a 1-7) - GARBAGE
polystryrene - GARBAGE
Pyrex® - GARBAGE
Q-tips® (with paper wooden wand) - GARBAGE
Q-tips® (with plastic wand) - GARBAGE
records/tapes & CDs - GARBAGE
report covers (plastic) - GARBAGE
rubber bands - GARBAGE
rubber stamps - GARBAGE
rubber/neoprene - GARBAGE
rugs/mats - GARBAGE
shipping bags (plastic) - GARBAGE
snack packaging - GARBAGE
sponges - GARBAGE
straws/stir sticks (plastic) - GARBAGE
stuffed animals/toys (unwanted or can't be donated) - GARBAGE
Styrofoam® - GARBAGE
tape: duct/masking/scotch - GARBAGE
tempered glass (corning ware, Pyrex®) - GARBAGE
textiles (that are soiled and cannot be donated) - GARBAGE
to-go coffee cups (lined with plastic) - GARBAGE
toothpaste tubes - GARBAGE
toys (that cannot be donated) - GARBAGE
transparencies/microfilm/negatives (acetate) - GARBAGE
Tupperware® - GARBAGE
utensils (plastic) - GARBAGE
vacuum bags - GARBAGE
VHS tapes (try donating first) - GARBAGE
window glass - GARBAGE
wood (painted or stained, NOT Treated Wood Waste) - GARBAGE
wrapping paper (metallic and embellished) - GARBAGE
zipper-style bags - GARBAGE
Treated Wood Waste (TWW) comes from old wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives. These chemicals help protect the wood from insect attack and fungal decay while it’s being used. Fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, and decking, to name a few, are all examples of chemically treated wood. As of January 1, 2021, Treated Wood Waste (TWW) will be considered hazardous material and must be disposed of as such. For more information about treated wood waste and where to transport it, please click here.